Recording & production

Recording services 
        - 32 channels simultaneous multitrack recording
        - Editing
        - Mixing
        - Mastering
        - Session playing 
        - Arranging and writing
        - Recording planing

        DAW: Quad core Mac pro with Protools and Logic Pro 8. As well Sonar and Cubase available on PC. MOTU Fireware and PCI interfaces
        REcording console: Mackie 32.8
        Outboard Gear: Avalon VT-747SP stereo compressor, Focusrite Liquid Channel peamp, dbx 266XL compressor/gate, Lexicon MX400 quad FX processor, Presonus ACP88 8 channel compressor/gate, DBX i-EQ15 stereo 16 band EQ and more
        Various microphones

Here some samples of tracks produced

"Mi socorro" Feat. Jaimy Gabriela

Walter Josue Band CD Intro

Live music production services
        - Stage managing
        - Live recording
        - FOH and monitors audio engineering
        - Audio Set up
        - Stage planing and designing
        - Lighting

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